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Dustor Bot X1 is a robot vacuum cleaner with auto-charging and scheduling functions. It cleans in different modes including edge cleaning, zigzag cleaning, spiral cleaning, and other cleaning modes. It saves our time due to its smart program drives.

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It has an LED screen to show the status of battery level, time, and working modes. The touch screen is to operate for starting, pausing, or recharging the robot. BOT X1 has super vacuuming to deal with dust, hair, debris. It is designed so that it can go underneath the sofa, bed, or any other furniture. BOT X1 is powered by brushless motors, which keeps the suction strong and the robot quiet enough. Its anti cliff sensor protects the robot, which keeps us worry-free as it cannot fall a step higher than 5cm. The perfect pet hair & mop cleaner for you that automatically keeps your home clean and healthy.

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Navigation - Gyroscope
Suction Power - 1000Pa
Anti-cliff sensors - Yes
Anti-bump sensors - Yes
Cleaning Mode - Sweeping and Mopping (2-in-1)
Vacuum Mode - Auto, Spot, Edge, and Schedule
Cleans Pet Hair - Yes
Multisurface Cleaning - Ceramic , Tiles, Wooden and Carpets
Side Brush - 2
Cleaning Filter - 3 level filtering (Filter + Hepa Filter + Foam)

Slim design - only 7.5cm
Button function - Start/Pause and Home
Indicator - LED display panel
Display panel Control - Touch button
Remote Control - Yes
Auto Charging - Yes
Power Button - On/Off

Battery Capacity - Li-ion 2000mAh
Dust Box Capacity - 400ml(2-in-1)
Water Tank Capacity - 150ml(2-in-1)
Charging Station - Yes
Charging Time (H) - 4 ~ 5
Working Time (min) - 70 ~ 90
Noise Level - 60-70dB
Hepa Filter - Non-Washable
Adapter Input - DC 13.5V, 1.5A
Rated Power - 25W
Dimension - 300mm x 75mm
Weight - 2.00Kgs

Robot - 1 Nos
Charging Station - 1 Nos
Side Brushes - 2 Nos x Right + 2 Nos x Left
Dust Box - 1 Nos
Water Tank - 1 Nos
Microfabric Mopping Cloth - 1 Nos
High efficiency Hepa Filter - 1 Nos
Cleaning Tool - 1 Nos
Remote - 1 Nos
AA x battery - 2 Nos
Power Adapter - 1 Nos
User Manual - 1 Nos

Group 3767
Smart Navigation
Group 3
Touch Button
Group 5
Multi Cleaning
Strong Suction Power
Group 3902
2-in-1 Dustbin & Water Tank
Group 10
Long twin side brushes
Group 8
Auto Charging
Group 2
Cliff Detection Sensor
Group 12
3 Levels of Filtering
Group 42000mAh2000mAh
2000mAh Battery
Group 3826
Schedule Cleaning
Group 11
1.5cm Obstacle crossing


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