A clean home is a healthy home


Dustor Robotic Vacuum cleaner knows only one job, that is ‘CLEAN’

Dustor  Robot is thorough in its work; it sweeps and even mops the floors to keep your home clean and healthy.
In today’s pandemic situation, hygiene has become uttermost important. Our regular cleaning is not enough. It will surprise your eyes when the Dustor takes over cleaning. The smallest particles, lint and flakes Dustor cleans!

The Robotic high-end technology makes it highly convenient to set up cleaning time from wherever you are. Just use your mobile app! The LIDAR technology maps your area before cleaning and reaches every corner we generally can’t reach.


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Easy EMI options available

Easy EMI options available

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) scanning builds the map of your room quickly

Protects the robot and it cannot fall a step higher than 5cm

Electronically controlled water dripping and mopping for efficient cleaning

Perfect to go over carpets, mats, partition rails or sliding door channels

Dustor quickly goes underneath the sofa, bed, desk, or other furniture

4 levels of power, multi-cleaning and 3 layers of filters for efficient cleaning


2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping

Group 11

Auto Charging & Resume

Group 5

Powerful Processing Capacity

Group 7

High Vacuuming power

Fill-2091 2

LDS Navigation

Group 4

Long twin side brushes

batter icon-01-01

Lasting Battery

Group 10

Voice Message

Group 3

1.5-2cm Obstacle crossing

Group 8

Automatic Smart Zoning

Group 9

Multi Cleaning

Group 2

3 Levels of Filtering


That would really depend on the size of the room and the amount of cleaning the required.

Currently, Dustor BOT X PRO and Dustor BOT X1 can be bought from our Showroom on Queens Road. We are also available for purchase on our Website, Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, and Reliance Digital.

No, Dustor has a self-charging feature. Which means, it actually returns to its Home Station to dock and recharge between cleaning sessions.

Thankfully, Dustor needs no supervision. You can just press clean and let your Dustor get to work. In fact, select models of Dustor come with Virtual Wall Lighthouse which contains Dustor in one room until it is completely vacuumed, then directs it to clean the next room. You can also use this feature to block off-limit areas.

Depending on the mode selected, a Virtual Wall Lighthouse (VWLH) can act as both a Lighthouse and a Virtual Wall.

  • Virtual Wall mode completely blocks off areas you don’t want your robot to access.
  • Lighthouse mode acts as a gate, automatically blocking and opening designated areas during Dustor’s mission to allow Dustor to efficiently clean multiple rooms. After the Dustor has completed cleaning each area as designated by a VWLH, the VWLH guides Dustor back to its home base.(Note: Maximum cleaning time per room is 25 minutes.)

For example: Your Dustor and home base are located in the family room (Room 1). You also would like your Dustor to clean an adjacent bedroom (Room 2) and office (Room 3). You place a lighthouse in the doorway from Room 1 to Room 2, and an additional lighthouse in the doorway from Room 1 to Room 3.

When Dustor completes cleaning Room 1, the VWLH opens allowing Dustor to navigate to and clean Room 2. After Dustor completes cleaning Room 2, the VWLH opens, allowing Dustor to navigate to and clean Room 3. After all rooms are cleaned (or when Dustor’s battery runs low), the VWLH guides Dustor back to its home base to recharge

Dustor automatically senses stairs and turns away from them. However, if the room to be cleaned contains a balcony, a physical barrier should be used to prevent access to the balcony and ensure safe operation.
Dustor has a Spinning Side Brush that cleans next to walls, most corners and other tough to reach places.
No, Dustor should not be used to pick up any liquid including water.

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